6 Reasons to Use Flyers to Advertise Your Event

6 Reasons to Use Flyers to Advertise Your Event

Flyers are a great advertising tool and have been around for many years, but did you know that businesses are taking advantage of their effectiveness to target specific audiences in ways like never before? Follow the paper trail below to learn about why you should use flyers to promote your next event.


Flyers are a great way to promote an event because they allow you to reach a target audience with ease. This is important because in the cut-throat world of modern marketing, you need to penetrate the right demographic in order to make an impact. Flyers can help with this as they can be distributed as door-to-door mail drops, street handouts, shopfronts ads and newspaper inserts. 

Endless design options

Get creative, have fun and show off your design talent. Flyers are a great tool for advertising events due to the fact that they can be designed in many unique ways. Whether it’s a concert, sporting competition, warehouse sale or anything in between, know that you can print a product to match the occasion. Use strong, bright colours to grab the attention of your readers and emphasise the title accordingly. Include images that showcase the event in action and be sure to take advantage of both sides of the flyer to really maximise what you can convey. You can also customise the size of your product, with design options ranging from A4 to A6 and even A3.

Something tangible

A physical product goes a long way. Customers will usually pay more attention to a physical product that they can hold in their hands when compared to something digital like a FaceBook or Instagram post. Usually, this doesn’t have anything to do with the actual content, but rather the fact that there’s something tangible that they can pick up and examine. It creates a sense of curiosity, and if your flyer is presented well, then it can act as a great tool for promoting your cause. A quality print finish or textured design is another way to bring home your point and give your event the attention that it deserves.  

Encourages action

You can add an incentive to your flyer to really get people interested in what’s going on. For example, try including a coupon code or voucher inside that gives readers a discount on ticket prices as a reward for signing up early. This is a smart way to add more importance to your flyer and will definitely make people more likely to engage with its content. 

Monitor the results

Measurability is a key benefit of using flyers to promote an event. Basically, you can learn about who is viewing your material and whether or not it is effective in generating leads. Take the coupon or voucher idea from above to a new level be tracking how many people actually sign up for a special offer by going to your website. Think about how many emails you are collecting and use this information to refine the layout of your flyer to better capitalise on your audience.  

Low cost

The cost of advertising is a big factor for many businesses and fortunately, flyers are cheap to produce. This means that you can distribute to a large audience without worrying about your budget blowing out to disproportionate levels. When ordered in bulk, flyers become even more affordable which is fantastic news for your event. 

High quality flyers for your events

At Print on Collins, we print flyers to an exceptional standard. Our professional and experienced team can help with all types of products for a range of purposes that are guaranteed to impress. Speak to us about flyers for your next event and you won’t be disappointed.