Our Advanced Printing Process

Our Advanced Printing Process

Great results come down to a great process and that’s especially true when it comes to printing. From machinery to equipment, software to staff, you want the best and that’s exactly what Print on Collins provides. Check out the nuts and bolts of what goes into our printing process by reading on below. 


When it comes to printing equipment, we use the best of the best. Why? Because we care about your edges. Think professional wide format print cutters, vinyl cutters, servo desktop cutters, grid plotting cutters and more. Don’t worry if the names confuse you. Just rest assured that we’ll be working on your paperwork with precision and attention to detail. 


The team at Print on Collins use a range of printing machines to produce fantastic results. For large jobs, we operate traditional offset printers that use an aluminum plate system. An inked plate is pushed into the page to produce an impression of your words, images and anything else. It’s that simple. Offset printing is great for big projects and offers consistent quality. Digital printers are our go-to for smaller tasks that require more fiddling around and adjustments. Maybe you need letters or business cards that have different addresses and names on the top. That’s when we’d use a digital printer that reads pixels and sprays directly onto a surface. Whether digital or offset, know that Print on Collins works with advanced machinery to get the job done.       


Modern software helps us to perform complicated tasks with ease. The outcome? You get great content on the page. Our digital printing software allows our devices to read templates and produce the masterpieces that you come to expect; whether it’s 3D, colour or textured imaging. We also utilise print management software to coordinate and optimise tasks. This ensures that our processes are completed on time and to a great standard.   

Staff experience

The final piece of the puzzle is the experienced staff that we have on hand to operate all of the above. In fact, without them, nothing would get done. Print on Collins employs expert technicians who oversee every aspect of your print job. They can ensure a high level of quality control and know how to work with all types of requests. 

Expert printing for your jobs

We work with the best printing equipment and the latest technology to bring customers all across Melbourne quality results. Our professional staff know printing like the back of their hand and will make sure that you are totally delighted by what we produce. Speak to Print on Collins about digital and offset printing and how our process can match your needs.